La Culotte

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Our ultra-thin and ultra-absorbent period panties, made in France from organic cotton woven in France and patented absorbent.

Size 36
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Finally a Luneale menstrual panty.

We focused on one model: an excellent menstrual panty, in accordance with your values and at the right price.

✔️Fabrication French, in the Hauts-de-France 🇫🇷
✔️Corps of organic cotton panties woven in France 🇫🇷, certified OekoText Standard100 and GOTS
✔️Coeur ultra-absorbent patented, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and anti-odor, certified OekoText Standard100. Made in the US 🇺🇸
✔️ In contact with your vulva, polyester fabric certified OekoTex Standard100 with honeycomb technology allowing a dry sensation.
✔️Forme Comfortable and suitable for all morphologies: high enough but not too high, well fitting.
✔️Convient for both light and heavy flow, while remaining incredibly thin: less than 2.8mm thick!

True to our commitment to inclusiveness, we offer it in a wide range of sizes: from 34 to 60. Please read the size guide below before choosing your size.
Made in France 🇫🇷

Main material : organic cotton woven in France 🇫🇷, GOTS and OEKOTex Standard 100 certified

Patented absorbent core: Zorb®3D StayDry antimicrobial HD complex, OekoTex Standard100 certified, made in USA 🇺🇸

core composition: 28% cotton, 26% tencel, 23% bamboo viscose, 13% polyester, 10% nylon

Outer layer composition: 100% polyester

Waterproof and breathable layer: PUL Certified OekoTex Standard100

Lace: polyester
La Culotte Luneale reaches its maximum absorption capacity after 3 washes. After purchase, we advise you to wash it.

After wearing La Culotte, rinse it with clean water by hand and then put it in the washing machine with your laundry at 30°.

❌ Do not put La Culotte in the dryer.

❌ Do not use fabric softener, bleach or bicarbonate

❌ Do not iron La Culotte
We suggest you compare one of your favorite panties (not too stretchy because the organic cotton we selected contains only 5% elastane) with the measurement chart below to be sure you order the right size.

See the measurements

For hygienic reasons, we are only able to exchange panties whose boxes are still sealed.


La Mousse Luneale

La Mousse



Just the basics

The perfect menstrual panty

We've put all of Luneale's expertise since 2015 into designing THE Menstrual Panty that fits the most, meets your values and expectations, at the right price.

✓ A pretty shape that fits all morphologies: waist neither too high nor too low, comfortable, well-covered, does not slip, does not hurt your hips, does not mark the buttocks, does not itch.

✓ Ultra-absorbent, breathable and thin, it prevents odors and leaks while being suitable for all flows, even abundant, thanks to its patented core and its "dry feeling" honeycomb coating. It absorbs 10 times its weight in less than 2 seconds, 20 times faster than most menstrual panties.

✓ Quality French manufacturing, with GOTS and OekoTex certified materials, without harmful chemicals.
The proof by image


Patented absorbent core

In order to guarantee you maximum absorption in a minimum thickness (less than 2.8mm in total), we have integrated a patented technical core to La Culotte.

The 5 successive layers of its absorbent zone and its exclusive 3D stitching quickly capture fluids, optimize their distribution over the entire surface and prevent leakage under compression, ensuring that you stay dry in all situations, no matter how abundant your flow.

For absolute comfort.

No compromise

The best at the best price.

Most of the brands which propose you menstrual panties at accessible prices make them at the end of the world, and the quality is not always with the appointment. And the menstrual panties Made in France are often very expensive.

Should you choose between quality and values and your purchasing power?

At Luneale, we don't think so.

So we focused on what makes a period panty THE perfect period panty: excellent protection, a nice shape that fits everyone, and quality workmanship in healthy materials.

And as usual, we didn't compromise on our values: made in France, inclusiveness and health are at the heart of Luneale.
How can we offer a French, organic and quality menstrual panty at such a low price?
No miracles. Just choices.

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You frequently asked

Vous pouvez utiliser La Culotte pour les règles, le spotting, les pertes blanches ainsi que les fuites urinaires légères à modérées.

Nous utilisons un complexe absorbant breveté absolument exceptionnel, qu'à notre connaissance aucune autre marque distribuée en France n'a sélectionné. Ce complexe, d'une extrême finesse, absorbe 10 fois son poids en 2 secondes et offre une sensation sèche en surface.

De plus, La Culotte Luneale est fabriquée en France en coton bio tissé en France de très grande qualité.

We invite you to consult the size guide (which will open in a new window) with your favorite panties to check the dimensions and order the corresponding size (which may be above your usual size).

Tout dépend si vous utilisez uniquement des Culottes menstruelles ou si vous les couplez avec une Cup par exemple. Vous pouvez la porter entre 8 et 12h d'affilée, et il faut compter le temps de la laver et la faire sécher à l'air libre. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous avez besoin d'en discuter.