La Mousse

The gentle organic cleanser for daily cleansing and cleaning of your silicone menstrual cup.

LaMousse is a 2 in 1 intimate cleanser without soap which allows at the same time the daily toilet and the cleaning without risk of your menstrual cup.

✔️ Certified BIO: COSMOS Organic by Ecocert - Vegan
✔️ 96% of ingredients of natural origin and 12% of ingredients BIO, among which the Rose of Damascus Bio and the Aloe Vera Bio, known for their big softness
✔️ Made in France (near Marseille) 🇫🇷
✔️ Cupfriendly : tested under gynecological control and for use in conjunction with the menstrual cup

Bottle with foaming nozzle of 150ml

✓ Organic Aloe Vera extract has been selected for its moisturizing, healing and regenerating properties. It also soothes irritations. <br data-mce-fragment="1">✓ Organic Damask Rose Floral Water has astringent and anti-inflammatory properties and provides a feeling of freshness <br data-mce-fragment="1">✓ Vegetable Glycerin is a moisturizing ingredient <br data-mce-fragment="1">✓ Cocomidopropyl betaine is a washing agent derived from the coconut

Si bien avec

Luneale picto - santé intime naturelle - cup menstruelle

gentle on your vulva

Luneale picto - mousse nettoyante. pour cup menstruelle

tested for cleaning menstrual cups

Luneale picto - rose de damas bio

Organic Aloe Vera and Organic Damask Rose

Luneale organic intimate cleansing foam - soap to clean menstrual cup - made in france

How to use

The intimate cleanser you've been waiting for

En nettoyant intime quotidien :

Utilisez 1 ou 2 pressions-doses de La Mousse pendant votre toilette pour nettoyer votre vulve. Son pH idéal de 5,5 vous garantit un nettoyage très doux et son parfum léger naturel et sa texture vous surprendront. Egalement adapté pour les pénis.

Pour nettoyer votre cup menstruelle :

Vous pouvez utiliser La Mousse pour nettoyer votre cup sans risque au quotidien. Elle a été conçue et testée pour cette utilisation et pour respecter le silicone de votre cup. Vous pouvez également l'utiliser pour nettoyer vos sextoys. Dans tous les cas, La Mousse doit se rincer après usage.

Customer Reviews

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Véronique C.

Tres doux et sans odeur forte
Commandé plusieurs fois, je recommande



Nono The Robot

I tested it on my old cup. Super effective!!!


Great product!


pleasant to use. Practical to clean the cup.

Your frequently asked questions

The foam has an acidic pH of 5.5, which is suitable for the intimate mucosa and is very mild.

La Mousse is very suitable for sensitive mucous membranes. Read the reviews, many customers swear by it when they had problems with conventional intimate cleansers.

Cupfriendly means that the product has been tested for use in conjunction with La Cup : tests have been carried out under gynaecological supervision during which it was validated that the product is suitable for both daily use for your intimate hygiene, that it does not affect the material of your menstrual cup and that after rinsing, you can reinsert it without any problems.

For La Mousse, we have chosen a recyclable bottle, but also refillable (just unscrew the pump). And we hope to be able to offer you soon eco-refills that will allow you to fill your bottle while generating less waste and in a more economical way.