Our Struggles


Fighting menstrual insecurity.

For people in precarious situations, access to sanitary protection represents a huge burden on the budget. And when trade-offs have to be made, it is not uncommon for some to find themselves with tissues or toilet paper in their panties. This is not acceptable!

Since 2015, when Luneale was created, we have been working with associations that fight against menstrual precariousness such as Règles Elémentaires. And you can even help us: by going to La Cup, if you have disposable pads left, you can send them to them on our behalf so that they can be distributed to people who need them. Learn more about the program.

We also help student associations, CROUS, communities of communes and other institutions that organize healthy protection distributions.

Advocating for inclusiveness

Women who do not menstruate are still women.

Not all menstruating people are women.

People who have their period do not all have the same culture, the same morphology, they are not all able-bodied, they do not all have the same relationship with their body.

So what?

We write inclusively, we think inclusively because it is in our values and beliefs. As a brand of "intimacy" (although one could argue about that word), we think it's important.

But if we have convictions, we are not in the injunction: if you do not agree with us, let's talk about it!



Reducing our footprint

La Cup is a sustainable, zero waste solution with an extremely low carbon footprint. We are millennials, and as such, we know we have a role to play in preserving the planet.

So we do everything to reduce our footprint: our products are all made in France, they are natural.

95% of our suppliers are located within a 650km radius of our warehouse, in order to limit unnecessary transport.

We think about the overall impact of our products: for example, we launched our wipes because some people weren't using the cup simply because they don't always have access to water. And as we have designed Les Wipes (biodegradable and compostable), if they convince people to switch to La Cup, then their impact is very positive, even if they are not zero waste.

Our mantras

Take another angle

Our ambition is to offer you the best products. We would like 100% of you to like them, and to make perfect products, we are convinced that we should not have any preconceived idea. We often have our own opinion at the beginning, but it's only ours.

So we work with a lot of different approaches(sometimes it's a little bit all over the place but those are often the best moments): we get information, we listen to very different points of view, we consult experts, we read a lot (too much!) of studies, we consult our clients... 

Act with awareness

We all have the power to act, today.

We believe that the health of our bodies and the health of the planet are intimately linked.

Every day, we make a difference by offering healthy, environmentally responsible and practical solutions, by supporting solidarity initiatives for a better understanding of menstrual health, by advocating for inclusiveness, diversity, empowerment and human rights.

Speak with honesty

We owe you transparency, there are no taboos between us!

This is reflected in our speeches, in our images too (no body editing here!)

We try to be positive all the time, and we know how to talk about our mistakes and failures, because that's how life is!

It also means that the information we give you is always sourced and documented, and that we do our best to make sure you feel free to discuss any topic with us.