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The best cup

It took me a while to get into it and the cup luneale is nothing like it, no discomfort, easy to put on and never leaks. You don't feel it. It's the second one I bought in 5 years but only because it had yellowed (normal)

La Cup Luneale
Eva Berger
a comfortable cup

after having tried several cups, it is the first time that I do not feel any discomfort thanks to the absence of stem and the flexibility. For the moment I still have leaks sometimes but coupled with menstrual panties it is perfect.

Very disappointed...

Having recently bought the Luneale, I can't seem to put it on. I tried about 30 times, with the two methods of folding and inserting, as well as with the little advice given in the FAQ or on the site's reviews for women who couldn't do it... nothing to do.

Too soft, it does not deploy. I can't screw it in, it slips out and goes back down immediately, even if I hold it or contract my perineum.

I am very disappointed because I am afraid I bought it for nothing and will not be able to use it in the end...

I contacted customer service by email and received no response.

I'm surprised by all the positive reviews describing this cup as absolutely wonderful (I actually had high expectations!) as it really seems impossible to use it...

At the top!

Discovered 8 years ago, I still love it!
It's easy to insert, easy to remove but above all, it's a vonfort that can't be beat!
I had tried 3 or 4 different models and was not satisfied with any of them until this one and frankly I praise it and recommend it to everyone.

Thank you Sophia. Our clients are truly our best ambassadors!

La Cup Luneale
Marion Naëgelé
After the help, perfect

First use without problem then a morning to really understand how to put it but then no more leakage!

Well done Marion, you are really quick to get the hang of it (usually it takes a little longer... but not all the time). Thanks for sharing your opinion :)

La Cup Luneale
Coralie Berson
Don't know what to make of it.

At the beginning I loved this cup, the moonpad is great and when you find the technique that suits you, it changes your life.
However, after two years and it has become deformed and I can no longer put it on without risking leaks or an unexpected fall in the toilet ...
So, I find myself without a cup after only two years and I don't know which brand to choose now... I would love to have a cup again luneale but I am so afraid that it will only last for two more years... "slightly" disappointed anyway.

Hello Coralie,
It's very strange that La Cup has deformed, the silicone we use is tested so that it doesn't lose its physical and chemical qualities for a little more than 5 years with proper use (especially during sterilization). Do not hesitate to send a picture of your cup to the customer service, we will see what happens. Thank you!

La Cup Luneale

Hello, I find this Cup very pleasant and the material perfect.
It fits very well and is easy to remove.
I also noticed a slight staining after several uses, I read the previous reviews and I will try cold water and bicarbonate.
Great product and good value for money.
I highly recommend this item even for cup novice.

Thank you very much Maud!

Duo Pack
A revolution

Unbelievable comfort and ease of use! I used menstrual cups before my pregnancy but I was not comfortable. It took me a while to get back into it because I was afraid of being unavailable and alone when it came time to remove it. But in fact, it's so simple that it's done discreetly and quickly!

Thanks Camille! And yes, we usually remove/empty/rinse/remove La Cup in just a few minutes. Thanks for sharing your opinion, we're glad it works for you :)

Very disappointed, plastic that fixes odors.

I am used to cups and I bought this new one to replace the one I used for almost 6 years, seduced by the absence of stem for comfort.

I have been using LUNEALE for 2 days (beginning of cycle, very low flow).
The plastic is already tinted and not as pure as when I received it, even though I did follow the instructions to wash it in cold water so as not to "fix the color".

This morning, when I took it out, a very strong smell of cheese.... 😖
Is it because I ate cheese last night and it picks up everything?!

I don't have any fungus or anything else to report and the cup is very little full. I just boiled it for 5 minutes to purify it and the smell remains, impregnated in the plastic.

After 2 days of use, I don't think I can use it anymore...

Hello MCC, we are sorry for this disappointment. You should know that the 'cheesy' smell you detected is a pretty good sign, paradoxically: it's a sign that your vaginal flora is healthy. We've covered this topic here: https://

For the coloration, it is probably that your blood is rich in iron, and this does not have any impact on the use of your cup.
For these 2 inconveniences, we advise you to add a little bicarbonate to your sterilization water, which will capture the odors and remove the coloring.
Last little precision: there is no plastic in La Cup, only silicone (made from silica = sand), so it's closer to glass than plastic which is made from petroleum!
Don't hesitate to write us again if needed, and thank you for sharing your opinion.

La Cup Luneale

Package received quickly,
Cup easy to use (I was already using one without stem), comfortable, no leaks day night beach sport ... Perfect!

Thank you very much Caroline! Glad you like it

La Cup Luneale
claire roussaly
I still haven't received my order

I know your products are of very good quality but the delivery service is deplorable. In a large city to find a world replay open it was very complicated to then wait more than 10 days and my order is still not arrived at the relay point ... I advise against ordering on this site.

Hello Claire, your order was placed on Saturday, October 8 and shipped on Monday, October 10 via Mondial Relay since you chose to be delivered in a Point Relais. Since then, it seems that your package wanders from sorting center to sorting center, and we are sorry about that.
Unfortunately, this happens occasionally (quite rarely on the volume of orders we process), everyone has already been confronted with delivery problems, and as a brand, we can't do much about it except alert Mondial Relay. There is no perfect logistic service, this could have happened with Colissimo with whom we also work when you choose home delivery. I hope you will receive your package soon (we will make a claim), and that you will review your rating, which we find a bit harsh actually... Having said that, I just noticed that you contacted the Customer Service by Chat, but you made a typing error in your email address so you did not receive their answer: I guess it is to alert us that you left this note. It's done: we are taking care of the situation as much as possible. See you soon!

At the top

This new cup has revolutionized my period, no leakage, super convenient to use, super comfortable day, night, sport, spa. I love it.

Great, thanks a lot Marie :)

La Cup Luneale
Super comfortable

After 2 other cups used these last years, this one seems to me the most flexible and the most comfortable. A little help to handle it, but as with every cup. And as a bonus, very fast delivery with a small fabric pouch.

Thank you very much Adele for sharing your opinion! See you soon.

La Cup Luneale
Helene D
Perfect for me!

Super easy to use for me but I am used to using a classic cup and what a joy. I love the fact that there is no stem. I find it easy to insert and remove. The cleaning is easy. In short, I don't do without it anymore!

Often people think it's going to be more complicated without the stem, but we keep saying it's just the opposite! Thank you so much for sharing your opinion, we're glad you like it.

La Cup Luneale
Marine Mordant
Hit Luneale

It is a very nice product and meets my needs.
On the other hand I am a little surprised that one can put that in the microwave...
For my part it will be in boiling water for sterilization.

Thank you for sharing your opinion Marine. And no worries with the microwave, the silicone we use is also used for medical devices that need to go through autoclaves or radiation sterilizers. It is safe, but you have a choice and the boiling water solution is also valid.

Really great!

What a comfort! I had bought a cup at the drugstore, which I never managed to put on! The Luneale cups were a real change for me! Comfort, ease, confidence! Really nothing to complain about! The after-sales service is very efficient when it comes to questions asked! And what a joy to leave the tampons behind! I can't recommend it enough!

Very good

Perfect sales service. Was missing a product in the order. The after-sales service has immediately remedied the sending of what was missing. Fast delivery time. Product that I have known for several years.

La Cup Luneale
Carla Machado
Brand new

I've been using it for several years now and I wanted to change it. The new one is more flexible and still as practical to insert. I took the size M which corresponds to the size 2 before.

A big THANK YOU to you for taking the time to leave us your opinion.


This is my 2nd cycle with my cup luneale. At the first one I had mixed with my old cup. Now I am only on the new one and I really maintain my first opinion, the cup is extraordinary. Comfortable, safe (considering the flexibility I was afraid that it unfolds by well after insertion, that it goes down alone, it is nothing. Switching to the cup had already made me gain in comfort but the luneale is definitely a luxury!

We put our hearts into the design of our Cup so we are so happy when you leave us messages like this Thank you!

La Cup Luneale
Stéphanie Thepaut
Very good product

I've been using this cup for years, it works great and it's perfectly comfortable.... You forget you're wearing it.

Thank you Stephanie for sharing your opinion on La Cup ! Be careful not to 'forget' it for more than 8 hours at a time

My must-have for 4 years. The only cup that manages to be forgotten (even though it is the largest size), it has reconciled me with my periods, which I used to suffer with pads and tampons. Now I just see them as a few days that go by.
Zero leakage (even at the beginning)
I am a 37 year old mother.

Thank you so much for sharing your opinion! We are so happy if it has improved your comfort during your period :)

Very easy to use and very good quality

La Cup Luneale
Adelaide Thevret

Very satisfied with this product! Use without moderation 😉

La Cup Luneale
Nono The Robot

I received my new cup in the middle of my period. I mixed the cup I was used to during the day and the new one at night when I was home. Finally I didn't have to mix for long! Perfect cup. Flexible, takes well its place. I was a little worried about not having the stem to remove it but finally, super surprise, it is super well designed without stem.

Thank you so much for sharing your opinion! And yes, you're right, we tend to be reassured by the stem, but in reality, it's often much easier without (not to mention comfortable).

La Mousse
Nono The Robot

I tested it on my old cup. Super effective!!!