La Cup Luneale

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La seule et unique Cup dotée du MoonPad®, pour un maximum de confort, de sécurité et de facilité d'utilisation. Fabriquée en France, 100% silicone médical platine.

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La Cup menstruelle, nouvelle génération pensée en collaboration avec des sages-femmes et un ergonome : 

✔️ Forme ergonomique sans tige : zéro sensation lorsque vous la portez, pas de frottements ou de gêne lorsque vous vous asseyez ou faites du sport.
✔️ Le MoonPad®, notre zone de préhension brevetée prépincée évite les erreurs manipulations, elle est particulièrement recommandée si vous portez un stérilet.
✔️ Fabriquée en France 🇫🇷 (près de Lyon)
✔️ 100% silicone médical platine, sans colorant, sans additif, sans nanoparticules

Size S : capacity 20ml | Low to medium flow
If at the height of your flow you wear normal tampons or you can keep your pad more than 6 hours. Diameter: 40mm - Height 50mm

Size M : capacity 25ml | Medium to strong flow
If at the height of your flow you wear super tampons or you can keep your pad between 3 and 6 hours. Diameter: 43mm - Height 52mm

Size L : capacity 30ml | Strong to very strong flow
If at the height of your flow you wear superplus tampons or you can keep your pad less than 3 hours. Diameter: 46mm - Height 51,5m

La Cup Luneale is made of 100% platinum medical silicone, which is the highest quality of silicone and has many properties. The silicone we use is non-toxic, stable, odorless, non-stick, hydrophobic and sterilizable: it has the best biocompatibility.

It is also naturally bacteriostatic, meaning that bacteria will not grow on its surface, which is essential for a menstrual cup.

La Cup Luneale is guaranteed to be free of plastic, dyes, additives, silver nanoparticles and bleaching agents.

In addition, our state-of-the-art moulding process - carried out in France - guarantees a flawless and crystal clear Cup.

Si bien avec


Zero sensation

Forget that you are wearing it

Easy to use

even if you are a beginner

High-end material

& French manufacturing

96% of those who compared it prefer it to other menstrual cups

La Cupnew definition.

Thanks to MoonPad®, the patented pre-pinched base from La Cup Luneale created with midwives and an ergonomist, you will change your mind about cups:

Unparalleled comfort: no shank gets in the way while you wear it, no matter what your activities.

Easier operation and natural handling

Maximum security, as the suction cup effect is minimized when removing since you have to pinch the base. This is an additional security, especially if you wear an IUD (coil)

What it brings you...

Ultimate comfort

Designed for zero discomfort, zero sensation when you wear it. You'll almost forget you have your period.

What it brings you...

Easy to use

Insertion, placement and removal are done with completely natural and instinctive gestures.

What it brings you...

Preserved microbiota

La Cup does not absorb, therefore your vaginal flora is not attacked and you reduce dryness and intimate discomfort.

What it brings you...

Compatible with sports

You can swim, move, play your favourite sport: you won't feel it and it won't run away.

What it brings you...

Use the day & night

You can wear it for up to 8 hours at a time, day and night.

What it brings you...

A gesture for the planet

Nothing to throw away, little water to maintain it, the best carbon footprint of all the periodical protections.

Customer Reviews

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Clarisse Guillet

J'utilise des cups depuis plusieurs années j'ai pris cette marque suite à plusieurs avis et effectivement je ne regrette absolument pas elles sont très confortable j'ai pris taille M et L je pressise j'ai accouché 3 fois par voie basse et elle ne bouge absolument pas et plus de fuite non plus

LA Cup parfaite

C'est ma deuxième Cup Luneale. Le nouveau modèle et encore mieux que l'ancien. Suite à vos conseils j'ai pris la taille en dessous de celle que j'avais avant et cela me convient parfaitement. Merci et bravo pour cette super Cup !

Best CUP :)

Très satisfaite de ce produit qui convient parfaitement à mes attentes, confort, sobriété et surtout efficacité, merci pour votre innovation!

We put our hearts into the design of our Cup so we are so happy when you leave us messages like this Thank you!
Customer Service Luneale

I finally found my cup type!

I've been trying several cups for years, I always had trouble with the stem which was always ending up irritating me after two days of use. I realized I have a low cervix. Then I tried cups with rings, but the cups always were moving around and hence, I constantly had leaks. I gave up for several months, then I decided to give it a chance to Luneale cup, and I can assure you, this is the ONLY cup that has worked for me, I finally found my cup type! I'm so happy that my search had ended.

Thank you very much for your valuable opinion and the whole team is delighted that our cut suits you perfectly!
Thank you for your confidence :)

Juste parfait

Franchement j'avais peur que les cup avec tige me gène, donc j'ai tenté celle-ci qui est vraiment bien. Les tampons causant des brûlures et les serviettes avec un effet mouillé ce n'est plus pour moi😁

How to use

Fold, insert, live, remove, wash. Then do it again.

Fold La Cup with the method that suits you.

Insert it gently into your vagina.

You can keep it in place for up to 8 hours (depending on your flow and the cup size you choose) and live as you please.

Remove it by pinching the MoonPad.

Clean it by rinsing with drinking water or with La Mousse or Les Wipes.

Consult the interactive instructions for use

Your frequently asked questions

It doesn't matter how old you are or whether you had a vaginal delivery or not: choose the size according to your flow, according to the equivalence chart with disposable pads that we have established (in the case of the question, the S). This advice is valid if you have undergone proper perineal rehabilitation. If not, La Cup could slip off, but don't go up a size, as this would only postpone the problem: you will need to retrain your perineum (this is important).

If you have a low flow, yes. If not, you need to choose the right size for your flow. Don't worry, there is only a 3mm difference in diameter between each of the cup sizes, so it won't affect your comfort.

The wearing of an IUD does not prevent the use of La Cup Luneale if the threads are cut short enough, and being aware that in the first 3 months after the installation, spontaneous expulsions of the IUD are not rare.La Cup Luneale is moreover the menstrual cup recommended by many midwives for its weak suction effect. You can read our complete article on this subject.

Use is not really related to age but more to the relationship to the body. You can be 12 years old and very comfortable with insertion or 30 years old and not. But physiologically, there is nothing to prevent you from using La Cup as soon as you start your period.
If your question is related to virginity, you can read this article.