Why use a menstrual cup for sports during your period?

Let's face it, the idea of exercising during your period may seem like a counterintuitive activity at first. We often feel like curling up under our duvet... But trust us, if you can find a little bit of motivation, it can really be beneficial.
On the one hand, exercising can help relieve cramps and other PMS symptoms you may be experiencing, including a drop in your mood: after 20 to 30 minutes of exercise, endorphins are released that can help relieve pain and improve your mood.
Endorphins are hormones produced by the brain that bind to morphine receptors and therefore act 'like morphine': they reduce pain (analgesic) for about 4 hours and cause a feeling of relaxation and well-being (anxiolytic) for about 6 hours. So it's better than medication!
In addition, exercise can help regulate hormone levels and reduce bloating by promoting transit.

So you've understood, playing sports during your period is a very good idea.
Of course, it's important to listen to your body and not overdo it. But moderate exercise (like a walk or yoga session) can really help manage your period symptoms.

That being said, if you want to exercise during your period, you need to find the ideal menstrual protection, the product that is practical, comfortable, reliable, and all-round. For us, the ideal menstrual protection is of course the menstrual cup, but we will explain why by comparing it to other types of menstrual protection.

Let's go for 3 matches and all our tips.

Match 1: Menstrual Cup vs. Periodic Pads: Which one to choose for sports?


Periodic pads are undeniably easy to use. You put them in your panties and off you go!
Menstrual cups take some getting used to when you first start using them (but within 1 to 3 cycles, there is usually no problem). Also, we recommend emptying it before a sports session for peace of mind.

Menstrual pad: 1 - Menstrual cup: 0

Comfort :

The pads can show under your leggings, move around if you move around a lot, and sometimes the sticky part of the pad wrinkles and sticks to your skin or hair. Ouch! And then, despite what the ads say, you feel it, like a nappy...
The cup, once it's in place, is totally invisible and you don't feel it. You can move around as you like, if your tummy doesn't hurt, you can play sports as if you weren't having your period.

Menstrual pad: 1 - Menstrual cup: 1

Reliability :

A shifting towel means the possibility of a stain. If you have a lot of flow, the risk of a stain is there. Especially if you are making an intense effort, you will feel the blood flowing, and this can be stressful.
With a cup, the risk of leakage is extremely low, and because the blood stays in the cup, you don't have that feeling of blood flow that can make you feel stressed or unfocused.

Menstrual pad: 1 - Menstrual cup: 2

All-terrain' side:

With a periodical towel, it is impossible to bathe or wear a leotard for example. And if you're a rider, what about that bouncing feeling on your pad?
You can play all sports with a menstrual cup. And we go even further, with La Cup Luneale , as there is no stem, horse riding, yoga, dancing or running are all possible (whereas with a stemmed cup, some practices can generate discomfort as the stem will rub against your vulva). Moreover, even top sportswomen use them!

Menstrual pad: 1 - Menstrual cup: 3


Match 2: Menstrual cup or tampon for menstrual sports?


If they are tampons with an applicator, they are extremely easy to use. For tampons without applicators, it's a bit more technical to get used to, but it's still easy to use.
The cup is a little more complicated to get used to the first few times, but once you get the hang of it, it's the same as the tampons. 

Tampons: 1 - Menstrual cup: 1

Comfort :

You should not feel your tampon if it is on properly. However, if you have to go to the toilet during your workout, you will have to change it (as the string gets soaked with urine).

You won't feel your Cup while you're exercising, and if you have to go to the bathroom, you won't have to change it. 

Tampons: 1 - Menstrual cup: 2

Reliability :

The tampon is very reliable during your sports session. If you have changed it before, there should be no leakage.
The cup is also very reliable.

Tampons: 2 - Menstrual cup: 3

On the 'all-terrain' side:

You can play all sports with a tampon. But if you go to the pool or the sea, the string may stick out and it will get waterlogged, so you will have to change it at the end of your swim so that you don't leave chlorine or salt water in your vagina, which could alter its balance.
With a cup you can play all sports and even swim: it will not become waterlogged.

Tampons: 3 - Menstrual cup: 4

Match 3: Menstrual cup or menstrual panties for sports during menstruation?


The menstrual panties are very easy to use: you put them on like normal underwear, put on your outfit and off you go for your session! But if you have a heavy period, you will have to change them at the end of your session, which also means rinsing them in the changing rooms (because you have to do it immediately)
Menstrual Cups are a bit more complicated to handle, but even with a heavy period, they will last your whole session (and you probably won't have to empty them afterwards)

Menstrual panties : 1 - Menstrual cup : 1

Comfort :

Menstrual panties are almost like normal panties, so if they fit well, they should be comfortable. On the other hand, you will feel the blood flowing during your activity, which can cause stress or discomfort.
With La Cup you don't feel it and you don't feel the blood draining either. 

Menstrual panties : 2 - Menstrual cup : 2

Reliability :

The menstrual cup is very reliable for sports if you do not have a very heavy flow or large clots, which will take some time to be absorbed.
The cup can be used with all types of flow, from very light to very heavy.

Menstrual panties : 3 - Menstrual cup : 3

On the 'all-terrain' side:

You can play all sports with menstrual briefs, except those that require swimming. There are also menstrual swimming costumes, but they are only used for light to medium flows.
With a cup you can play all sports and even swim, no matter how heavy your flow.

Menstrual panties: 3 - Menstrual cup: 4


In short, you have understood, La Cup is objectively the best menstrual protection for doing sport during your period: we recommend it as soon as you manage to take it in hand and find the right gesture to use it, it is an undeniable gain in comfort for all sportsmen and women! All you need to do is choose a quality menstrual cup in platinum medical silicone and a size adapted to your flow to remain calm and relaxed during your sessions.

Disclaimer *words are important*: we don't use the term woman in our articles because we want to be inclusive: there are women who don't menstruate and men who do (trans men). We also don't use the term sanitary pads (or sanitary protection) because sanitation implies that menstruation is dirty, which is not the case: we prefer sanitary pads.

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