All your panties are period panties!

cup menstruelle luneale francaise coupe menstruelle
cup menstruelle luneale francaise coupe menstruelle

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Luneale produits naturels made in France fabrication francaise pour les règles menstruations
Made 100% in France
Luneale produits ecologiques pour les règles menstruations
Natural & Vegan Products
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Luneale marque engagée santé menstruelle cup coupe menstruelle produits naturels et bio
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Ethical & Natural

All Luneale products are made in France from the best raw materials and with respect for people.


Innovation, Responsibility and Transparency

Since 2015, Luneale has been taking care of your body while respecting the planet and its inhabitants.

Invent, always

Our products are exclusive and unique. They are unlike any other because we are always looking to improve what exists to make it exceptional.

Taking responsibility

We do everything to have a light footprint on the planet: local French manufacturing, optimized logistics, collaboration with SMEs, work with associations ...

Accompanying you with transparency

The information we give you is reliable and sourced, and we are always available by chat or email to answer your questions.

A word from Leocadie, Founder of Luneale.

Thank you.

Half of humanity has its period during half of its life, with all the consequences it has, both on the intimate sphere, on society, on the environment. Yet in 2015, when Luneale was created, no brand had really taken on this subject with a fresh look and strong values. That's why I created Luneale: so that never again will you have to choose between your values, your comfort, your health and your budget.

Your daily feedback leads me to believe that we are on the right track, your testimonials are our driving force. So I want to thank you for trusting us to accompany your cycles.