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Luneale s'engage contre la precarite menstruelle - entreprise francaise engagee

Fight period poverty

For individuals facing precarious situations, access to menstrual products represents a significant burden on their budget. When tough choices have to be made, some may resort to using tissues or toilet paper as makeshift solutions. This is unacceptable!

Since 2015, when Luneale was founded, we have been collaborating with organizations like Règles Elémentaires, which advocate against period poverty. You can also lend a hand: if you switch to La Cup, you can send your remaining disposable products to them on our behalf for distribution to those in need.

We also support student associations, CROUS, local communities, and other institutions organizing distributions of sustainable menstrual products.

Advocating for inclusivity

Women who do not menstruate are women. Not all people who menstruate are women.

People who menstruate do not all share the same culture, morphology, or physical abilities, nor do they necessarily have the same relationship with their bodies. So what?

We write inclusively, we think inclusively because it aligns with our values and beliefs. As a brand focused on intimate products (though one could debate this term), we believe it is important. However, while we hold these convictions, we do not impose them. If you disagree with us, let's talk about it!

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Reduce our footprint

La Cup is a sustainable and zero waste solution with an extremely low carbon footprint. As millennials, we recognize our role in preserving the planet.

Therefore, we do everything to reduce our footprint: our products are all made in France and natural.

95% of our suppliers are located within a radius of 650km from our warehouse to limit unnecessary transportation.

We consider the overall impact of our products: for example, we launched our wipes because some people didn't use the cup simply because they don't always have access to water. And just as we designed Les Wipes (biodegradable and compostable), if they convince people to switch to La Cup, then their impact is very positive, even if they are not zero waste.

Nos mantras

Think different

Our goal: products that enchant you 100%. To achieve excellence, we remain open-minded and unbiased. Even though we have our initial ideas, we explore various approaches, listen to diverse opinions, consult experts, and delve into studies, all while staying tuned to your feedback.

Act with consciousness.

We believe in the impact of our actions on our health and the planet.

Every day, we offer healthy and eco-friendly solutions, support solidarity initiatives for a better understanding of menstrual health, and advocate for inclusivity, empowerment, and human rights.

Speak with honesty

We owe you transparency: no taboos between us! Our words and images are authentic (no body retouching here!). We are positive, but we acknowledge our mistakes and failures, because that's life! Our information is always sourced and documented, and we encourage you to freely engage with us on all topics.