Le Roll-On

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To fight naturally and effectively against the inconvenience of menstruation and PMS.

The powers of plants concentrated to help you live better your period. Le Roll-on is a unique blend of Vegetable Oils and Essential Oils to be used in aromatherapy and lower abdominal massage to relieve menstrual discomfort.

✔️ 6 essential oils, of which the powerful H.E of Sage whose sale is regulated
✔️ 5 vegetable oils, of which the oil of Hemp which contains CBD
✔️ Made in France (near Rennes) 🇫🇷
✔️ An application ritual created with aromatherapists

Amber glass bottle of 10ml with aluminum ball.

✓ EO of petit grain bigarade: anti-spasmodic and regulating the nervous system
✓ Katafray EO: analgesic, anti-inflammatory and decongestant
✓ Clary sage EO: anti-spasmodic, it regulates menstrual cycles thanks to its similarity with estrogens
✓ EO of pistachio lentisque: anti-spasmodic, decongestant and analgesic
✓ EO of lavender aspic: analgesic and nervous relaxant
✓ Sage officinale EO: regulates menstrual cycles (emmenagogue)

✓ Hemp HV: anti-inflammatory and decongestant, it allows a better emotional balance
✓ Borage HV: anti-inflammatory and extremely rich in omega-6
✓ Evening primrose OV: hormonal stimulant, it acts on premenstrual syndrome and painful periods.
✓ Sunflower oil: dry oil that protects the nervous system.
✓ Hazelnut OV: dry oil that promotes micro-circulation and prevents iron deficiency.

Si bien avec


contains CBD

natural formula

amber glass bottle & aluminum ball

How to use

Bye-bye period discomfort and PMS.

Le Roll-On est proposé avec un rituel d'utilisation combinant aromathérapie, massage et pressothérapie, à effectuer 2 à 3 fois par jour du début de votre SPM à la fin de vos douleurs menstruelles.

Le Roll-On Luneale n'est pas un médicament, néanmoins, ses composants sont très actifs, notamment l'huile essentielle de sauge officinale qui n'est délivrée pure que sur prescription médicale en France.

L'usage du Roll-on est formellement déconseillé dans les cas suivants :

  • Grossesse, soupçon de grossesse et/ou allaitement
  • Pendant l'ovulation
  • Chez les enfants
  • En cas d'antécédent de cancer du sein
  • En cas de mastose, de fibrome, de pathologies cancéreuses ou hormonales, d'épilepsie.

Dans tous les cas, si vous si vous avez des allergies ou antécédents de pathologies, nous vous conseillons d’en discuter avec votre médecin. Usage externe uniquement. Evitez tout contact avec les yeux et les muqueuses. En cas de contact avec les yeux, rincez abondamment à l’eau claire. Ne vous exposez pas au soleil après application.

Customer Reviews

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Marion Chagot

Pleasant scent, I don't know if the roll-on works miracles but it can help to relax during PMS


Idea of the roll on top, finally a concentrate of aromatherapy for our menstrual periods!

Nadège Rossi

A real asset for the rules. Easy to apply and the sheet with instructions is very precise. However the smell is not great. Not disgusting but I think it could have made a more pleasant smell. Price point I find correct, essential oils are more expensive in pharmacies. On the other hand the roll-on with the bile is superb to brush quickly and discreetly anywhere 👍.

We readily admit that we left out the smell aspect when we designed it: we wanted to offer an effective natural product by selecting ingredients that have complementary benefits, without adding something just for its smell. The olfactory result is quite strange, it's true. But it's the smell of efficiency


I've only used it once so far, but I'm pretty happy with it so far. Easy to apply, the smell helped me a lot against the pain

Your frequently asked questions

It can be used from the age of 15.

No, this active ingredient naturally present in hemp oil (Cannabis Sativa) has no psychotropic effect. On the contrary, it has numerous virtues and is completely legal.

No, the ingredients listed in the composition (essential oils and vegetable oils) are the only ingredients in the Roll-On.

As the Clary Sage and Common Sage Essential Oils in the Roll-On have a strong hormonal influence, they may be incompatible with your hormone treatments. Consult your doctor before use.