Selfcare Pack

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Our essentials to take care of you every day.

The Selfcare Pack is ideal if you already have a menstrual cup, or if you want natural products for your intimate health.

The Selfcare Pack contains :
  • La Mousse - certified organic: for your daily intimate hygiene (or to wash your menstrual cup)
  • Les Wipes : to clean the cup without water or for the toilet of supplement.
  • Le Roll-On : a mix of essential oils, vegetable oils and CBD to fight against the inconveniences of the periods


La Mousse : the intimate cleanser that allows you to wash your Cup

✓ Certified Organic and Vegan
✓ 96% of ingredients of natural origin
✓ Made in France, near Marseille
✓ Tested under gynecological control

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Les Wipes : wipes to clean La Cup without water

✓ Cosmos natural and Vegan certified
✓ 99% naturally derived ingredients
✓ Made in France, in Brittany
✓ Biodegradable, compostable and toilet flushable wipe

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Le Roll-on The power of nature for your period

✓ 6 essential oils, including the powerful Sage E.O. which is regulated for sale
✓ 5 vegetable oils, including Hemp oil which contains CBD
✓ Made in France, in Brittany
✓ An exclusive application ritual created with aromatherapists

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Attractively priced pack, all products are of high quality.

Your frequently asked questions

La Mousse is very suitable for sensitive mucous membranes, and many of our customers who have regular concerns about irritation tell us that this is one of the only products that works for them.

No. Les Wipes is Cosmos Natural certified (i.e. natural but not organic). The lotion is made up of 99% natural ingredients and 20% organic ingredients. So the lotion alone could be certified organic because it meets all the criteria. But there is no wipe fabric that is both flushable and organic (yet?), and we have chosen to focus on the 'practical' aspect, to the detriment of organic certification.

Le Roll-on contains Clary Sage Essential Oil, an EO with such a strong hormonal action that it is only available in pure form under medical prescription. It is not recommended in the following cases: pregnancy, suspicion of pregnancy and/or breastfeeding, during ovulation, in children, in cases of previous breast cancer, in cases of mastosis, fibroids, cancerous or hormonal pathologies and epilepsy.

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